"The MS Paint of VR" by Henrik Rydgård

For HTC Vive (or Oculus Touch with SteamVR)

Download for HTC Vive (8.9MB)

  • Just draw stuff in the air, it's easy!
  • Use metallic and shiny or rough materials for extra flair
  • Have fun!

Unlike Tilt Brush where you just draw stripes in the air, in AirPaint VR you paint into a solid three-dimensional field, giving a completely different and much more fluid experience. It's reminiscent of Oculus Medium, but much less focused on traditional sculpting and much simpler.

For each point in space, it tracks density, color, roughness and metallicness. Everything is rendered with a basic PBR shader so you can achieve glossy or metallic looks easily.

You get a 2x2x2 meter cube to paint in, with approximately centimeter-level resolution.

You can save and load into four slots.

Many improvements are planned for the future, such as undo/redo, internet sharing, multiplayer, better tools, softer color edges and more.

No Unity or Unreal - fully custom C++ engine using OpenVR. Mostly tested on nVidia.

Oculus compatibility tips: Make sure to run SteamVR's room calibration. If the floor is still on the wrong height, use Q/E to fine-tune. Also you may need to use the grip instead of the trigger.

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Contact: [email protected].